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World Cup Food Off – Saturday 14th June

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Colombia - Chuzos de Res & Arepas de Queso

With two countries who love a good wrap based dish. It was the South American version up first, with home made Arepas with cheese (a cheesy type bread) and beef skewers marinated in spices and olive oil.


Greece - Grilled Pork Souvlaki & Tzatziki

The king of wraps, if such a thing exists. The Souvlaki with spicy pitta bread and home made Tzatziki – potentially the greatest dip in the World. A formidable combination.


Verdict: Such a tough, tough clash. Colombia’s beef skewer is a taste sensation. But the spicy pittas, the souvlaki and the tzatziki, see Greece take a win, but then I can’t let this Colombia dish lose either. A draw.

Draw (£5 @ 23/10)


Uruguay - The Chivito

Yes, I know its basically a sandwich. But it’s THEIR sandwich. With a lot of meat. And some other token non-meat options such as egg and pepper.


Costa Rica - Bistec Encebollado

Steak and Onions. Not much else. No ambition in Costa Rica it seems.


Verdict: Both dishes are extremely basic, but Uruguay’s sandwich with so much on it, (Easily a MANwich) actually tasted damn nice. Next time a bigger ciabatta is needed and it becomes the perfect sandwich. Comfortable victory.

Uruguay Win (£5 @ 4/9)


England – Cottage Pie

The classic pie was always going to be the dish to be used, just what one? As I couldn’t be bothered putting a pastry together, the lazy cottage pie option was taken.


Italy – Home made Pizza

What else was it going to be!?


Verdict: If I ever do make a cottage pie again, more mash was needed. Hence the confused stew/pie/splodge on that plate. A pie was never going to beat a pizza though. When has a pizza ever let you down? (One at 3am from a dodgy takeaway doesn’t count!)

Italy Win (£5 @ 17/10)

IVORY COAST vs JAPAN (2am Sunday)

Ivory Coast - Poisson Braisé

Being a country next to the see, fish was always going to be one of their main meals. This one, grills (or sticks on a charcoal grill for an authentic taste) the fish after rubbing in a spice mixture to give it a good flavour.


Japan - Japanese salmon & avocado rice

Basically a sushi dish without the pain and hassle of trying to roll all of the sushi up into neat little balls. The avocado added something a bit different to the normal type of sushi.


Verdict: Both dishes have their flaws sadly. Ivory Coast’s was too watery after the liquid in the fish came out and Japan’s was too heavy going after a while. That being said, Japanese food done well is normally exceptional and even here, Japanese food done averagely still pips the Ivorian effort.

Japan Win (£5 @ 2/1)

Previous Winnings

£6.50 from Thursday

£5 on Mexico @ 13/10 - WIN = £11.50

£5 on Spain @ 5/6 – LOSE = -£5

£5 on Chile @ 4/9 – WIN = £7.22

TOTAL = £20.22

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