Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Football Snapshots – Kenilworth Road (Luton Town FC)

I was lucky/unlucky (delete how you see fit) to have to travel to Luton yesterday and while I had a couple of spare hours waiting on my train back to London, I decided to take an outside tour of Kenilworth Road, home of Luton Town who play in the Blue Square Premier. I did look somewhat out of place walking around the ground, which is slap bang in the middle of a residential area, in a suit but nevermind! As the East Side of the country is basically inaccessible to me to watch a game currently, it will probably be sometime before I actually watch a game here. Yet, in the style of Mishi’s “Grounds for Concern” blog, here’s a quick tour of Kenilworth Road!

P1530_24-08-10 (Outside the bigger stand…)

P1530[01]_24-08-10 (…the Kenilworth Stand!)

P1531_24-08-10 (Club Shop – a basic portakabin affair)

P1534_24-08-10 (Down the back alleys of the ground)

P1536_24-08-10 (One of the most famous away entrances in football? Having to go through people’s gardens to get in)

P1538_24-08-10 (Main Stand entrance)

P1541_24-08-10 (Luton Town – anti racist)


  1. Like the graffiti, hate the ground. Bad memories of FA Cup defeats past.

  2. The locals might have thought you were a Solicitor for York City in that fancy suit, especially when taking pictures? Things are still a bit sensitive between the two clubs following last seasons trouble and the resultant investigation.

  3. Wonderful pic of the away stand entrance, I had no idea it was flanked by terraced housing.