Saturday, 3 July 2010

Rugby League Introduction


This isn’t me trying to introduce the sport of Rugby League to people for this post, I don’t know enough about it to give RL its deserved build up for people. What this post tries to do is to introduce why I’ll hopefully be attending a few RL games from now on for my entertainment and the blog. Pete, a friend at uni has a lot to answer for, but one thing he has done was to convince me to join the University RL team. (It was either them or play football for my college, RL won due to the ‘slightly’ less extreme drinking culture within it) Now, I’d consider RL my 3rd favourite sport behind football and F1 and so needed teams to support, enter Pete again as I had to pick a Super League team and a non-Super League team. So… enter…

Wildcats logo


Wakefield Trinity and Gateshead Thunder! Wakefield having a fairly disappointing Super League season, while ‘Heed Thunder are having a nightmare in the Co-Op Championship 1. The Travelling Fan will debut at Gateshead Thunder vs Oldham RLFC on Sunday 4th July. So a blog report will come from the Gateshead International Stadium (A.K.A – The Thunderdome) next week.


As someone who is also interested in the systems of the sport, the RL system is fairly straight forward to understand in Britain, and this Wikipedia link explains the Professional Structure (Super League + Co-op Championship) and the Open Structure (RL Conference + Subsidiary Leagues). This about all I have to write on RL, start looking out for more games in the blog!

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