Monday, 16 June 2014

World Cup Food Off - Monday 16th June

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Germany – Herman Ze German

The classic London based diner, (probably, actually no, definitely) my favourite place to eat out in the capital. Their wurst is the best and you can even have schnitzels if you are that sort of person.


Portugal – Prawns and Spinach in Peri Peri Sauce

Nando’s – home of the peri peri sauce and originally from Portugal. Rather than crack some chicken in there, went slightly left field and gone with prawns. Portugal has a coastline! Makes sense!


Verdict: Herman Ze German smashes this dish. While the prawns (I wasn’t that hungry) were ok, its not a bratwurst and some sexy fries.

Germany Win (£5 @ 10/11)


Iran – Koobideh with Cucumber Salad

Another wrap based dish, this one is a favourite on the streets of Tehran, apparently. Using minced meat and other bits and pieces, this is a potential contender to compete with the classic Greek kabab. Potential.


Nigeria – Nigerian Chicken & Tomatoes

While many Nigerian recipes are plantain happy, this African style stew is a decent change from the usual to come out of this region.


Verdict: The Koobideh is a strange one. The spices don’t add too much to the meat and so it comes off quite dry. Don’t worry Donner Kabab, you are still the king. While the Nigerian stew is probably the least exciting dish I made for the tournament, it does enough to scrape past.

Nigeria Win (£5 @ 10/11)


Ghana – Kentumere

Fish and Spinach in tomatoes. A popular dish in Ghana that needs the charcoal effect to get it properly done.


United States – Phili Cheese Steak

So much big food I could have done for this. The burger, the wings, the grease. Went with a (slightly) healthier option of the Phili Cheese Steak although packed it full of fatty goodness.

United States

Verdict: Normally, I always will pick the healthier option, however this dish from the States was so good. Power wins on this occasion.

US Win (£5 @ 2/1)

Previous Winnings

£18.72 from Sunday

£5 on Switzerland vs Ecuador Draw @ 21/10 – Lose = -£5

£5 on France @ 3/10 – WIN = £6.50

£5 on Argentina @ 1/3 – WIN = £6.67

TOTAL = £26.89