Friday, 22 March 2013

Dartford PvsP Wrexham (08/03/13)

Despite me wanting to one day get to every ground in the country in some form or another, I do enjoy picking games that are interesting and could be entertaining rather than going just for a “tick”. The weekend of this game was all about Barnet vs Morecambe but thanks to those people at Premier Sports (no I don’t know either) this game was scheduled for a Friday night under the Princes Park lights.

Premier Sports (Does anyone subscribe to this? Be honest!)

Even though it had been raining all day, I didn’t even think about the game being called off. However had I checked Twitter, I would have seen Dartford getting more and more wet and so at 6pm (ironically when my train left Charlton as I got on) the game was off. Yet another game this season where the weather had beaten me. I went to have a look at Princes Park anyway and got some snaps as well as overhearing a few annoyed Wrexham fans.

BE2jdfwCcAEotRs.jpg large(Yeah it looks a little wet…)




IMG_0477(Toilet inspiration)

In the end, the game was played the next day on the Saturday and Dartford added Wrexham to the list of teams at the top of the Blue Square Premier to come to Princes Park and lose. (Such as Kidderminster, Newport, Mansfield and Luton) Goals from Jack Evans and Elliot Bradbrook gave the Darts a 2-1 win. I’m wanting to come back here and with the last “top team” in the league still to come here in Grimsby, I’m keen to see if Dartford add them to their list of victims this season.

dartswrex(Token match shot which isn’t mine)

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