Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Kentish Town PvsP Bedford FC (07/03/12)

After 3 previous failed attempt to see Kentish Town play at the Barnet Copthall Stadium before those rugby wankers took it away, I was confident about seeing this midweek Spartan South Midlands League clash between the home side and Bedford FC.


Even after some afternoon rain in the capital, I was still confident that this game would go ahead and the afternoon even brought bright sunshine. So much so, that after around midday I didn’t even bother checking Football Mitoo and waltzed up to Mill Hill East tube station (an arse to get to) for the 7:45 KO. Upon arrival, it did become clear that the Copthall wouldn’t be staging any sport that evening as it was in total darkness at 7:30. Checked Mitoo on my phone to see the game had been called off hours earlier. Tit.


You live and learn. I would be back to the Copthall to see a game. Attempt number 5 was on the way. Have some dark pictures of the stadium and see if you can make it out.




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