Monday, 4 February 2013

Road to Wembley 2012/13 (4th Round)

It was a higher power that didn’t want me to get to this game. Originally having train tickets for the first day this was meant to be played, on the 19th January – the snow wiped it out and along with most of the country I stayed indoors. No worries, I’d see it the next week. However the snow took that out too so I ended up at Derby County.

BV snow(Where’s your shovel?)

Ironically, I was going to miss the 3rd attempt to play the game as I was meant to be at Worcester City vs Vauxhall Motors. However, some leaving drinks the night before and a bad run with some tequila meant I had to spend Saturday in bed feeling pain like I’d never felt before. Missing both Borrowash and Worcester. Luckily, the Ascot United website is fairly decent and I’ve taken the match report from there:

An outstanding performance at Ice Station Derby saw Ascot move into the last 16 of the FA Vase with goals from Sam Wadieh, man of the match Lee Boon and a late Jon Bennett penalty. The team played in a disciplined way, restricting Borrowash to 2 shots. By any standards this was a great achievment and was thoroughly deserved.

Big thanks to Borrowash who were fantastic hosts and very gracious and complimentary in defeat. They are an excellent club in every sense.”

mexican-cat-drinking-tequila-600x450(Just because this cat looks cool in a sombrero and drinking tequila – it isn’t. Don’t do it kids)

So for the 5th Round, Ascot now travel from the UK and to the Isle of Wight, where they will play Wessex League side Newport (IOW). As this game is next week and I have nothing better to do, (I’m not joining I’m going to attempt a nice 15 hour trip to see Newport (IOW) vs Ascot United. If it all comes off it could be the best Travelling Fan blog post yet. Then again…


ROAD TO WEMBLEY 2012/2013:

1ST QUALIFYING ROUND: Colliers Wood United 3-1 Badshot Lea (Wibbandune Sports Ground, Att: 37)

2ND QUALIFYING ROUND: Camberley Town 1-4 Colliers Wood United (Krooner Park, Att: 36)

1ST ROUND: Lingfield 1-2 Colliers Wood United (Godstone Road, Att: 50)

2ND ROUND: Colliers Wood United W/O – W/O Old Woodstock Town (N/A, Att: N/A)

3RD ROUND: Colliers Wood United 2-3 Ascot United (Wibbandune Sports Ground, Att: 70)

4TH ROUND: Borrowash Victoria 0-3 Ascot United (Watkinson Construction Bowl, Att: 157)

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