Sunday, 24 April 2011

Road to Wembley 2010/11 (Semi-Final)

WEMBLEY! WEMBLEY! WE’VE FINALLY REACHED WEMBLEY! Although as I’ve repeatedly moaned at before, not at the Final stage. This was the “bigger” Semi-Final. Citeh vs United. Blue vs Red. (Add other melodramatic face-offs if you wish) where the winner would have a crack at the FA Cup against either Bolton or Stoke.  

Manchester derby fizzles out, Chelsea extend gap(It’s all love love love)

Unlike in early rounds where only around 150 hardy souls would know (and care) about the result, considering this game was watched around the World by millions, it seems pointless for me to regurgitate any of the action. We all know City won 1-0. We all know Yaya Toure scored the only goal. We all know Paul “can’t tackle” Scholes was sent off for an awful challenge Pablo Zabaleta and we all know the World’s most expensive wind up merchant Mario Balotelli did his job and got Rio Ferdinand riled up like the hypocrite he is.

yaya-toure-925226349(Boom! 1-0!)

I managed to catch most of the game on shITV as I rushed back from Wellington and made a few observations. 1 – Paul Scholes needs to retire and retire now. He just looks off the pace and completely ineffective at this level. 2 – The FA Cup needed an “Original Top 4” free Final as I felt (especially with Chelsea and Man Utd) they want to win the bigger trophies like the League and CL so won’t be that fussed about missing out on the FA Cup this time. Andddd 3 – ITV is really shit. BBC please buy the rights to FA Cup games from them. I’m begging you. Good luck to Manchester City and Stoke City on May 14th.

Balotelli(I told you it was all love love love!)

ROAD TO WEMBLEY 2010/2011:

EXTRA PRELIMINARY ROUND: Elmore 1-5 Hamworthy Utd (Horsdon Park, Att: 247)

PRELIMINARY ROUND: Hamworthy Utd 2-2 Sherborne Town (County Ground, Att: 122)

PRELIMINARY ROUND Replay: Sherborne Town 3–0 Hamworthy Utd (Raleigh Grove, Att: 154)

1ST QUALIFYING ROUND: Wimborne Town 1-3 Sherborne Town (The Cuthbury, Att: 226)

2ND QUALIFYING ROUND: Sherborne Town 1-2 Hungerford Town (Raleigh Grove, Att: 138)

3RD QUALIFYING ROUND: Swindon Supermarine 4-0 Hungerford Town (Webb’s Wood Stadium, Att: 365)

4TH QUALIFYING ROUND: Swindon Supermarine 0-0 Bath City (Webb’s Wood Stadium, Att: 551)

4TH QUALIFYING ROUND Replay: Bath City 3-4 Swindon Supermarine (Twerton Park, Att: 665)

1ST ROUND: Swindon Supermarine 2-1 Eastwood Town (Webb’s Wood Stadium, Att: 1,159)

2ND ROUND: Colchester United 1-0 Swindon Supermarine (Colchester Community Stadium, Att: 3,047)

3RD Round: Swansea City 4-0 Colchester United (Liberty Stadium, Att: 7,005)

4TH Round: Swansea City 1-2 Leyton Orient (Liberty Stadium, Att: 6,281

5TH Round: Leyton Orient 1-1 Arsenal (Brisbane Road, Att: 9,136)

5TH Round Replay: Arsenal 5-0 Leyton Orient (Emirates Stadium, Att: 59,361)

QUARTER-FINAL: Manchester United 2-0 Arsenal (Old Trafford, Att: 74,693)

SEMI-FINAL: Manchester City 1-0 Manchester United (Wembley Stadium, Att: 86,549)

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