Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Road to Wembley 2010/11 (3rd Qualifying Round)

While I was enjoying a hammering at Hartland, the 3rd Qualifying Round of the FA Cup was also taking place as winners from the previous round, Hungerford Town took on a team from a town I am very familar with, Swinedon, sorry, Swindon.

tragic roundabout (The “magic roundabout” – Swindon’s greatest attraction)

Having studied for my A-Levels in Swindon, I can tell you that its not the most nicest place in the World, but it does have a certain ‘charm’ about it and most of the natives there are friendly enough. Swindon has two major football teams in the town and many other minors ones when you start to trawl down the leagues. While most have heard of The Robins (or Swindon Town), not many others, myself included for quite a while, have heard of the other team, Swindon Supermarine.


Located in the North side of the town, in the South Marston Industrial Estate, Marine have a hardy band of supporters and they currently play in the Southern League Premier Division. At the end of last season the club were reported to have financial problems but a commercial drive allowed them to fight another day. And this cup run would do the club no harm at all. They played dirty gobshites Hungerford from the division below after they dispatched Sherborne in the previous round, however Supermarine horsed Hungeford by 4 goals to nil and took their place in the 4th (and final) Qualifying Round.


Their reward for humping Hungerford is a plump tie against local and Blue Square Premier rivals Bath City. Marine will be hoping for a big crowd on 23rd October and Bath should bring a fair few to Webb’s Wood Stadium. Good luck to Marine! They may even land a Swindon derby in the 1st Round should they make it…

ROAD TO WEMBLEY 2010/2011:

EXTRA PRELIMINARY ROUND: Elmore 1-5 Hamworthy Utd (Horsdon Park, Att: 247)

PRELIMINARY ROUND: Hamworthy Utd 2-2 Sherborne Town (County Ground, Att: 122)

PRELIMINARY ROUND Replay: Sherborne Town 3–0 Hamworthy Utd (Raleigh Grove, Att: 154)

1ST QUALIFYING ROUND: Wimborne Town 1-3 Sherborne Town (The Cuthbury, Att: 226)

2ND QUALIFYING ROUND: Sherborne Town 1-2 Hungerford Town (Raleigh Grove, Att: 138)

3RD QUALIFYING ROUND: Swindon Supermarine 4-0 Hungerford Town (Webb’s Wood Stadium, Att: 365)

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