Thursday, 11 March 2010

MOT fail. :|


I was hoping to get to Nelson vs St Helens this Saturday but my car has decided to fail yet another MOT and give another large cost to fix it like last year. Therefore as driving it would be illegal (and I’m not into that), its a weekend stuck inside or doing something even worse, shopping. If you are off to Nelson vs St Helens this Saturday, I hope it finishes 0-0. Yes I am bitter.

I am hoping to get to see one more game before I’m back in Devon for my Easter holidays and if my car comes back before Wednesday night and I’ve budgeted well enough then its a short and cheap trip to watch Blackburn Rovers Youth vs Chelsea Youth at Ewood Park in the FA Youth Cup Semi-Final on St Paddy’s Day. Here’s hoping. Otherwise my next blog post will be another one of moaning and “potential” plans.


Jeffrey Bruma puts Chelsea 3 up during their 4-0 win over Watford in the Quarter-Final.

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