Thursday, 25 June 2009

New Fan Project

I knew my blog would look a little lonely over the summer as I took a break from football, however I did come up with a little feature that I may use over each summer break (I intend to keep this blog up you know!). Titled, “New Fan Project”, its basically me e-mailing clubs from a certain country telling them how I am a supporter of said league and club and hope they send me some free stuff. Now I know straight away what you are thinking, “what a cheeky sod”, however if clubs do send me stuff that I don’t really want or have space for then I intend to somehow sell it for charity (on eBay or another medium).

This summer, I decided to ask Germany and the Bundesliga, 2.Bundesliga and also try the 3.Bundesliga clubs to see what they sent. With the help of my German speaking friend Julian, I am currently in the process of e-mailing all the clubs I intend to. However, I decided not to ask for anything from the Bundesliga clubs (except Bayern, as they appear to have no general e-mail address) which may have backfired as I have so far had 7 lovely e-mails thanking me for my support but nothing else. At least they replied I suppose, so well done to the following clubs so far:

Hamburg SV

Hannover 96

Schalke 04 – actually wrote to me in English

FSV Mainz 05

Vfl Bochum – wrote a funny e-mail also congratulating me on my German

FC Koln

Borussia Dortmund – the first to reply

I’ll be sending the rest of the e-mails out (with an updated sentence asking for stuff!) in the hope that clubs might do. I’ll keep the blog updated on any response I get.

I'm your biggest fan

Speaking of charity, I urge you to go read “Journey to the 92” which can be found in the blog list links on the left, or visit . It details how a Gillingham fan is travelling around each of the 92 clubs and donating it all to a worthy cause, a great read. When I finally get some coffers in the bank I will donate to his cause, the Great Ormond Street hospital and hope you all do too.

I’ll write a preview of the upcoming 09/10 season detailing the changes that will happen and hopefully where I will be going to. Also, I’ll reveal where I am going on July 5th to this mysterious non-footballing event, it is that exciting!!

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