Friday, 8 May 2009

Roses 2009

Maybe my first non-football (well at least a football specific) post. Here at Lancaster University, there is a little bit of a rivalry between York University. It stems back to the 15th Century civil war, The War of Roses between the Houses of Lancaster and the Houses of York. The first competition happened in 1965 with it being in York and York coming out the victors. It alternates every year with “away” victories obviously rarer but a great achievement. Last year, the tournament was held here, at Lancaster, where York managed a late Lancs fight off to win 124-122, damn.

I had planned to write this last night and talk about how close this years event would be with the early events resulting in a tie, however as I currently write this, this years Roses, held in York is currently 62.5-14.5 to York. Oh dear. I had actually wanted to go to an event (two, for example are held at Lancaster) but due to time commitments (i.e these bloody exams) that couldn’t happen. Rest assured that I will write a blog report for next years roses back in Lancaster and can only hope the red rose can battle back tomorrow and Sunday to claim an unlikely win.

(Or we’ll just say that Lancaster actually won the war in the 15th Century, so there.)


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